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Surgical risk mitigation with zero admin burden

Improve surgical outcomes

SURGly identifies modifiable risk factors known to increase surgical complications and intervenes using the principles of behavioral economics to mitigate surgical risk, decrease LOS and readmissions and keep your patients and their families happier and more satisfied with their care. 

Deliver Timely and crucial reminders

SURGly provides a bidirectional, multi-lingual, multi-channel platform (SMS text, email, snail mail, phone calls and nano-sites) to provide your patients with the right (brand-able) message at the right time. 

Decrease Admin burden

SURGly includes  patient navigation platform to ensure that your patient arrives at the correct time on DOS, appropriately NPO and with correct documentation and responsible adult at the ready. This results in less DOS cancellations with less administrative burden and immediate and measurable ROI.

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Real Time Messaging

Critical information delivered in real time.


We support a variety of languages to suit your needs.

Easy to use interface

Our easy to use platform can be set up in minutes without any hassle.

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