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We are dedicated to preparing you physically, emotionally, and mentally for the best surgical outcomes.   

Surgical Outcomes Should Not be Determined by Zip Code.

Unfortunately, the data reveal otherwise.

SURGly leverages technology and levels the field – nudging all patients, in a culturally dexterous manner, to better surgical outcomes.

SURGly‘s approach to preop preparation and postop support has been a great service to my patients . SURGly’s, caring and personalized approach is goal-directed and easy to follow. Importantly, the confidence SURGly instills in patients prepares them emotionally, so they feel assured they are prepared as best they can be. And they are, to a level I have never seen with the usual surgeon’s office prep ( a quick, impersonal talk and a sheaf of papers.) SURGly’s plans are evidence based and information is offered clearly and thoughtfully. I highly recommend SURGly for anyone planning/preparing for surgery.
-Wm. Garlick, MD​

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Risk Identification

Let’s identify your modifiable risk factors for surgical complications. Understanding these risk factors permits us to give you timely and manageable tasks in the days leading up to surgery.

Risk Mitigation

Reducing surgical risk to improve surgical outcomes is our passion. Regardless of where you live, you deserve to go into surgery as healthy as possible. Healthy patients have better outcomes.


Check out the supplies needed to get you or a loved one ready for surgery.
Here are some products you can purchase that will help improve health and reduce surgical risk.

My medical team and their orthopedic surgery practice did a good job preparing and educating me what to expect with my total knee replacement surgery. However, that information paled in comparison to the recommendations made by Surgly in advance of my surgery for both body and mind! At the time, my knee pain was extreme, swelling was hard to cope with, and I was reluctant to use the opioid meds offered for relief other than sparingly.  Surgly provided a better understanding of how the total healing process would involve more than just my post-op behavior.  This proved remarkably helpful on many levels.
Building up the amount of protein I consumed prior to surgery would never have occurred to me but made great sense. The timing of using over the counter anti-inflammatory meds and Tylenol helped, too.  The TENS unit helping with some pain relief was effective both prior and post-surgery.  Beginning to practice gentle guided meditations was useful on every level. I found Surgly was easy to use and gave me confidence in a positive outcome.  It was personalized, helpful, interactive and on the mark!  I highly recommend it..
- P. Kelly

Why SURGly?

Our dedicated team of experts are here to support you every step of the way. We understand the critical actions that must be taken to get the best surgical outcomes.

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Let's collaborate to get you strong before surgery - no need to wait until you start rehab after surgery.

Hospital and patient engagement

We provide a HIPAA compliant
platform to deliver messages to patients to meet their goals.


Digital reminders to help you achieve your goals according to a specialized pre-operative plan.

Get back to your best life

We aim to get you back to doing the things you love with a carefully tailored post-operative plan to minimize chances of complications and readmission.